Our expertise

A reinvented consulting firm

IRH strives to deliver a reinvented consulting service, breaking the traditional codes of consulting and focusing on the service integrated with client teams. Choosing IRH as a consulting firm is choosing a true partner to accompany you in the transformation of your current human resources, to those of tomorrow. With each customer that we accompany, we build a long term human relationship by respecting the values relating to responsibility and professionalism. IRH commits itself to being both objective and transparent when providing you with an expert vision for every one of your HR projects.

Our world is changing, and so is our business.

Our story

After working for over 16 years in consulting firms or large groups, mainly in the area of HRIS implementation projects, Olivier Indovino, who had a desire for entrepreneurship, launched and created his company IRH in 2016 based on values he deems important: trust, quality and benevolence. 

5 years after its creation, these 3 pillars still constitute now more than ever, the DNA of IRH. This DNA was born from Olivier’s conviction that it was necessary to move away from the traditional codes of the consulting world, in order to offer customers a method adapted to their situation and agile in its model of delivery. Offering to the market an alternative for more traditional, large consulting firms. IRH is a young team of talented and ambitious consultants who listen and really adapt to you, your companies needs and your methodologies to always deliver a personalised approach allowing for an adoption of the solution by all. To be a partner of IRH is to be part of a solid team, which will accompany you throughout the process of the digitalisation of your projects, using a pedagogical approach based on benevolence and quality.

IRH was born from a desire to create a consulting offer and HRIS project management different from what was currently found on the French market

- Olivier INDOVINO

Years of existence
Foundation of the firm, historically I-RH Partner, by Olivier Indovino
Recruitment of the first employee, Sven Berger, who is now Director of our Swiss subsidiary
Our first client projects and a team growth of 15 new hires during the year
Foundation of the swiss subsidiary in Lausanne, and acquisiton of our buildings premises in Colombes.
New identity and merger with ACT-ON GROUP

Our values


A guaranteed quality of service with a solution adopted by all your teams.
Our goal is to ensure that the solution is accepted by all stakeholders. We accompany you in your digitalisation process in order to simplify your transition, not to complicate it. Our goal is to ensure that, when we leave, all your teams have adopted the new processes and that they are fully integrated into your new organisation.


We favour co-construction of your business processes and are here to set up an integrated consulting service, at the heart of your teams!
At IRH, we know that each client is unique and has its own issues and methods of operation. You will have the SuccessFactors expert resources and reinforcements you need to relieve your staff and secure the success of your projects.


We share our knowledge, tips and expertise with you via skill transfer.
Transparency is the sine qua non for establishing a true relationship of trust. Our consultants are pedagogical and share with you their business knowledge to give you all the tools necessary for your success.


At IRH we work to integrate your teams in the heart of your digital transformation process.
HRIS are mainly aimed at non-HR users. Our objective is to offer all your employees intuitive business processes that they can manage independently, just like internet applications.

Our CSR commitments

At IRH we have adopted a true CSR approach because we believe that each person and each company has a responsibility towards the environment and that together we are stronger and more effective. 

In order to formalise this commitment, which is a strong value for our consultants, we began an ISO 26000 process in 2021. 

We also have many other CSR initiatives in place, such as Powerdayskills sponsorship and our internal events.

Our case studies

Since creation 4 years ago, we have successfully accompanied over 25 clients in more than 35 digital transformation missions of HR processes. 


Government association


The organization changes their HRIS and calls upon the services of IRH for the accompaniment of the project with < 1000 employees
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IRH intervened within the framework of the reorganization of the HRIS for > 5000 employees


Auto-parts manufacturers


A SuccessFactors change management mission, lead with success.
Client story

Lift Mitte

Converted 150% More Leads Than Traditional Forms

Coss Svenska

Had Over 1,200 Conversations In First Four Months. Booked 80 Demos in a Month (Without Using Forms)
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We Work

Booked $1.7 Million In New Business In First Five Months

Neue Welle Co.

Had Over 1,200 Conversations In First Four Months. Booked 80 Demos in a Month (Without Using Forms)
See Details


Generated $3.6 million in pipeline in eight months

Aasen Co.

Had Over 1,200 Conversations In First Four Months. Booked 80 Demos in a Month (Without Using Forms)
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Presentation of the company


The organization changes HRIS and calls upon the services of IRH for the accompaniment of the project. 

Missions performed

Presentation of the company


IRH intervened within the framework of the reorganization of the HRIS

Missions performed

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