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Using stylus and digital tablet for online learning and communication.

Digital Learning

The professional learning sector has seen over the last several years a number of changes, in particular regarding the digital era. We have progressively passed from the simple in-person formation style to Blended Learning (or hybrid learning) thus marking the dawn of Digital Learning.

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onboarding program

5 ways to create a strategic onboarding program

The labor market is not what it used to be as in many countries, the variable unemployment rate and shortage of skill sets enormously affect the recruitment and talent management. According to the “World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2018”, even though the global unemployment rate has stabilized, the number of unemployed remains in high levels, exceeding 192 million persons around the world.

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Enhance employees’ experience with Talentsoft

Talentsoft is a cloud-based talent management software that brings together clients and partners around ‘reinventing the employee experience’. It helps innovate HRM and turn it into a strategic function that contributes to business success.

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International deployment of HRIS for XPO

The main objectives of the project are to reduce risk, complexity and inefficiency of the 60+ legacy payroll systems and multiple varying processes, and to create a more unified approach in all countries outside the USA and Canada. (XPO)

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