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Flex Office

What change management strategy should be put into place when introducing the Flex Office configuration?

The 2019 Actineo study revealed that only 14% of French companies were using the Flex Office configuration. For the 86% of companies that remain, it’s possible that the rejection of this sort of reconfiguration is coming from either direction, or from the employees themselves (concerns of changes to their habits, noise disruption and forced proximity to their coworkers, etc.) It is therefore necessary to put measures and practices in place for change management so as to reduce the employee resistance and concern. This will facilitate a company’s organisational transition from its current set up to the configuration of a Flex Office work environment. ​

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What is a successful project?

This question may seem meaningless, thoughtless and without any interest, as the answer seems obvious. Experience proves that the criteria of a successful project is not always shared, rarely defined and often differs for each participant of the project.

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Woman reading a book.

HRIS glossary guide

The HRIS (human resources information systems) universe can sometimes appear complex. Its specific vocabulary can, at times, be confusing. It is for this reason that

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Core HR

Core HR, the foundation of your HRIS strategy

Collection, management and centralisation or cleaning of data have become challenging for companies. To respond to this, they are deploying powerful software solutions that are treating, in particular, the important data linked to the administration of Human Resources. It is for this reason, the Core HR is the dedicated tool in the management of this key data as well as responding to several constraints and issues (business, localisation, organisation).

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