International deployment of HRIS for XPO

The main objectives of the project are to reduce risk, complexity and inefficiency of the 60+ legacy payroll systems and multiple varying processes, and to create a more unified approach in all countries outside the USA and Canada.


XPO counts 90,000 employees in 34 countries. Its main activities are Transportation, Supply Chain & Global Forwarding divisions. It is the result of a strategy of multiple global acquisitions, each country having its own legal organisations. The legal businesses from Norbert Dentressangle and Conway (Menlo) have now become part of XPOE (Europe Transport & Supply Chain, plus Global Forwarding) and Supply Chain US’ international operations.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of the Project are to reduce risk, complexity & inefficiency of 60+ legacy payroll systems and of multiple varying processes. Furthermore, we should create a more unified approach to payroll systems and service delivery in all countries outside US & Canada. Therefore, we have to address local needs and leverage global scale.

We will outsource non-core activity where appropriate.

In addition, we will use a single payroll partner for BPO, reporting and large country systems and BoB strategy where appropriate. We must implement the methodology and timeframe that will support the global HR transformation programme.

Our involvement:
  • Participation in the project planning and project scheduling
  • Request and manage resources required to meet planned commitments
  • Monitor project activities, costs, risks and timeframes and track progress and quality
  • Coordinate flow of information to and from ADP and third parties and distribute this information to XPO Logistics project team members
  • Participate in resolution of issues according to agreed resolution procedures
  • Responsible for adherence by XPO Logistics team to the ADP methodologies, procedures and policies agreed between ADP and XPO Logistics
  • Coordinate activities on regional and country level
  • Ensure comprehensive requirements on country level
  • Tracking, communication, escalation of XPO Logistics related ADP delivery status
  • Assurance, tracking and steering of XPO Logistics country level deliveries to ADP (e.g. by external contractors and third parties)
  • Responsible for the overall delivery of the XPO Logistics part of the project and reporting to the Program Manager.
Olivier Indovino

Olivier Indovino

Directeur général IRH by ACT-ON GROUP


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