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Framing your HRIS project

The scoping phase of your HRIS project allows you to define the contours of your project, to obtain a precise roadmap and build the foundations of a successful project. IRH integrates with your teams and brings its expertise to secure with you this key phase of any project.  

Your perfect knowledge of your environment as well as the integrated expertise of the IRH consultants form the winning partnership and allows the effective, controlled and precise co-construction of your future HRIS. 

IRH’s strength also lies in its agility and its ability to adapt any device to meet the unique needs of each client.

IRH brings you 

Key steps - Framing the project


The framing

Project scoping and blueprinting will facilitate the identification of your true business objectives and the alignment of your strategy with a target HRIS solution.


The impact study

The impact study reveals the gaps between your current HR operation and the target operation. This study makes it possible to list the possible changes to your tools.


The tool

Helping you choose an HRIS tool allows you to analyze and compete with editors and make an objective final choice, guaranteeing the correlation between your objectives and the existing solutions on the market.

Leading your HRIS project

Once you have scoped out your project, the next phase consists of developing your project in an operational manner.  

Are you looking to secure your objectives, your schedule and your budget? Are you struggling to find the balance between maintaining your day-to-day activities and effectively managing your project?   

  IRH integrates with your teams and brings its expertise to secure with you this key phase of any project.

IRH brings you

Key steps - Conducting the project


The management

We bring an expert vision on project management, coordination of actors and we facilitate your decision making.


The control

Our consultants deliver their skills and knowledge of specific HR / HRIS topics by ensuring that the project runs smoothly during the design, data migration, acceptance and deployment phases.


The steering

We ensure the various actions allowing to structure your projects and to respect the golden triangle (Costs – Quality – Deadlines).


The accompaniment

We are convinced that a successful project is one that brings added value to the end user. Thus, we ensure the design and management of a change management strategy that will guarantee a high adoption rate of your user population.

Sustaining your HRIS project

Once your HR information system is deployed and “live”, you must now ensure that your project is sustainable.

Your expertise on regulatory changes, the demands generated by your teams and our convictions based on user adoption and customer support form the winning partnership. It is important to pay particular attention to this phase n°3 in order to guarantee the success of your project as a whole and to maintain the relevance of your tool over time. 

IRH brings you 

Key steps - Sustaining the project


The support


The animation of your own community of users


Consulting in the field of evolution

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