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A committed and responsible consulting firm

IRH is a responsible firm which, since its creation, has implemented actions to improve the well-being of employees at work and the quality of service offered to our customers. With the strong evolution of the firm in only a few years, we wished to account for our social and environmental impact and that is why we have formulated our official commitment to the ISO 26000 standard. 

We create every year our CSR strategy and a team of 7 experts as well as all the other collaborators commit themselves to respect our objectives. CSR approaches are a strategic issue for IRH and we want to combine performance, responsibility, ethics and transparency. 

What is the ISO 26000 ?

The ISO 26000 standard establishes guidelines for social responsibility and is a reference for sustainable development. It is one of more than 20,000 other standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which builds international standards in a variety of fields, from technology to economics.

Our actions

Power day

Since 2021, we have set up Power Days. Power Days are internal events that mobilize all of the firm's employees to give their time, free of charge, to an association for a cause that touches us.

Sponsorship of skills

2021 also marks the beginning of our skills sponsorship missions. We now propose to associations to give our time, consultants by consultants, to carry out missions on our core business.  Concretely, several times a year, we propose to different associations, from all sectors, to put at their disposal an IRH consultant, free of charge, to help them in the realization of an HR mission in general. 

Our cultural events

One of our strengths is also the diversity of our team and this is very important to us. In order to discover the different cultures that we have at IRH, we organize once a month a cultural evening during which a consultant presents his country or his region. A change of scenery guaranteed! 

On a daily basis

All the IRH team is mobilized to realize virtuous actions for the environment. For example, we have reduced our consumption of plastic and implemented the sorting in our building.

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