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Our Business Support offer provides operational support for Human Resource Information System (HRIS) projects alongside the Human resource (HR) profession. We aim to position ourselves alongside your company allowing us to help you make the best, objective decisions in your interest, and to guide the software editors and integrators. Our HRIS expert team is here to preserve your business’ best interests, and to assist you in resolving issues that may be considered highly technical.

We offer experienced reinforcements at your continuous disposal to replace all or part of your operational presence during your project. We are here to help you make the best choices during structural arbitrations.

IRH offers its expertise on many international implementation projects of SuccessFactors for Employee Central (EC) and all modules of the SuccessFactors suite. Our understanding of HRIS projects allows us to recommend the best practices regardless of the solution chosen as we have developed an in-depth expertise of SuccessFactors. 

Our experts are at your disposal for the following modules :


Step by step towards a Successful project !


The design phase allows you to express your ambitions, your needs, your organisational and regulatory requirements that will be transcribed through a specification (was this translated from Cahier des Charges?). This is the creative phase where the primary objective is to create a system and functional processes that meet your needs whilst taking into account any possible constraints.


The acceptance test allows us to identify the dysfunctions and guarantees the users equal adequacy between the expression of their needs and the target solution. The acceptance test allows us to correct the identified dysfunctions. The objective is to measure your level of satisfaction between the target and delivered products.


The objective of the deployment is to put into place the application validated during acceptance phase. The overall challenge is to provide you with a stable solution that meets your expectations, as well as to support the users as they adapt to the use of the tool.


Data management is one of the major issues when implementing a new tool or changing a solution. Data recovery consists of recovering existing data and processing it before loading it into a new system. A diagnosis of the data and a data recovery strategy must be established in order to ensure a successful data migration.


Interfaces allow you to understand the integration techniques between your internal systems and your new HR tool. This phase is crucial to ensure that the tool has been configurated to provide seamless communication. It is important to look at the integration techniques in order to define a schedule involving the people concerned, before being able to deploy the interface and verify its proper functioning.


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