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The consulting offer covers so-called pre-project services to support the definition of HR/IS trajectories and to align the HRIS with your company’s strategy. Our strategic consultancy supports management by providing you with expert resources who listen to you and bring their vision to bear on the various issues you face. We help you make strategic decisions by providing you with comprehensive analysis grids. 

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The consulting offers proposed by IRH :

One of the success factors of a project is to identify, before its launch, the real objectives that the company wants to focus on. The blueprint allows an organization to define its ambitions over several years and align your solution with the company’s strategy, tools, organization and internal resources.

The opportunity study identifies the possible evolutions of a system or an organization in order to put them in perspective with the client’s expectations (cost reduction, better integration of systems, reduction of administrative tasks, simplification of an organization). The selected opportunities (according to their criticality and priority for the organization), allow to define a target solution and a deployment path. They can be presented to the CODIR or to the IRP and can be based on cost studies and benchmarks that allow to measure the added value.

The impact study identifies the gaps between the current operation and the expected target operation of the solution. It lists the changes in your organization and the changes in business processes related to the new tools. It intervenes upstream in order to foresee the needs and prevent the potential risks that will be dealt with during the training and acceptance phases. 

The HRIS function is becoming more and more professional in companies and can be attached to either the IT department or the HR department. We support the implementation of this function within the company by recommending good HRIS management practices, both in its design and in its maintenance.

Aligning HR information systems means that the HRIS trajectory, digital innovation, regulatory compliance, security and technical constraints are rethought to meet the organization’s expectations. The Road Map first takes into account the business needs, before recommending tools and systems.

The support in the choice of a tool or a provider is an exercise that confronts the client’s needs with the state of the art of the market. The support in the choice includes the drafting of a consultation file and the organization of scoring sessions, presentations and reference visits. At the end of the mission, an assistance to the contractualization can be proposed. IRH helps you to analyze the offers of the various editors and brings you an objective choice on the solution which answers the strategic, financial and operational stakes of your organization.

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