Define, deploy and secure your HRIS projects with complete peace of mind

With a dual expertise in HR and information systems, as well as a specialization in the support of SuccessFactors, IRH’s consultants guide you in your digitalization projects.

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Your consulting firm specialized in the digital transformation of the HR function

IRH is a consulting firm specialized in HRIS. Our main areas of expertise are associated with the deployment of HRIS, from the scoping phase to the operational support of our customers. Evolving in an international context, all our consultants are bilingual English.

Because we know that each company has its own organization and methodology, we adapt to you and your needs. Our objective is to help you throughout your modernization process and to finish our mission only once we are sure that all the tools are well taken in hand by all the stakeholders of your company.

Business Support

The business support offer provides operational support for projects and allows you to have experienced reinforcements to replace all or part of the client's responsibilities, to provide independent expertise and to help you make the structural decisions you need to guarantee the company's business and organizational interests.


The consulting offer covers "pre-project" services to support the definition of HRIS trajectories and the preparation of projects, in order to align the HRIS with your company's strategy.

International project management

We take charge of managing and directing your project in order to secure investments and get the most out of your HRIS. Our PMO will coordinate all stakeholders, prepare strategic trade-offs, assess risks and and propose suitable solutions.

International change management

Change Management constitutes the cornerstone of each project. It is the only way to ensure that your employees and managers take ownership of the project, which is the key to its success. We work on securing and maximising the adoption of the solution from the first stages of the project because we are convinced that the success of the projects will depend more on human factors than on technological ones.

IRH guide you throughout the life of your project

Framing your project

Upstream of the project:

Sustain your project

After the project:

Conducting your project

During the project:


Our strengths

A team of experts with strong values

A dynamic and bilingual team of niche experts, born with digital. We share strong values with our partners and base our model on the principles of responsability, proximity and integrity.

A strong experience

IRH conducts projects in France and internationally, for large and medium-sized structures. In total, it is more than 30 projects around SuccessFactors and 14 customers accompanied. Our expertise continues to grow and to be nourished by the various customer contexts met, to offer you the best possible practices.

Recognized expertise in the SAP ecosystem

Through projects and meetings, IRH by Act-On has developed́ strong links with the important actors of the ecosystem. We detain good working relationships and knowledge of the editor, the various integrators as well as providers of additional services related to SAP SuccessFactors.

The support of a large group

IRH is a subsidiary of the ACT-ON group and, as such, benefits from the resources of the group to answer all your HR problems.

The clients who trust us

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